Valerie karplus thesis

Motivated by that problem, we largely undertake projects that combine expertise in manufacturing processes, mechanical design, and materials processing.

What classes are you teaching. In particular, in a class on materials processing that I helped teach last spring, there were many students who were really excited to talk about recycling, in particular, and wanted to delve into specific recycling issues in greater depth. This work makes four distinct contributions to these agendas, focusing on the case of climate and energy policy for passenger vehicles in the United States.

Recently, there has been a lot of important dialogue about advanced manufacturing technologies and their role in the innovation process, both domestically and globally. At present, our group is working on three main themes: Second, this work makes a methodological contribution that advances the state of empirical modeling of passenger vehicle transport in economy-wide macroeconomic models.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our tools aim to provide insight as early as possible—even when development is still only at lab-scale—into what challenges or opportunities might crop up as the system is scaled up. These developments offer a parsimonious way of capturing important physical detail and allow for analysis of technology-specific policies such as a fuel economy standard FES and renewable fuel standard RFSimplemented individually or in combination with an economy-wide cap-and-trade CAT policy.

It looks at the geographic footprint of something that we usually think of as merely crossing through the landscape and vanishing into the horizon and seeks to unearth the multiple political, economic, and spatial transformations that were part of such an operation.

I am enjoying the process of learning how to lead a case discussion, which often encourages students to reason through real-world decisions and adopt different perspectives. Fourth, a political analysis shows how, in the case of climate and energy policy for passenger vehicles, sharp trade-offs exist between economic efficiency and political feasibility.

Technology and Policy Program. What are some of the energy applications of your work.

Karplus, Valerie

Climate and energy security concerns have prompted policy action in the United States and abroad to reduce petroleum use and greenhouse gas GHG emissions from passenger vehicles.

India is expected to more than double its energy consumption byaccording to the International Energy Agency. We can then use the regional energy-economic model to calculate health impacts under alternative scenarios and the magnitude of such damages avoided due to policy.

Regulatory and technical barriers to wind energy integration in northeast China

What drew you to MIT. I use energy as a lens though which to examine how large technological systems underpin the functioning of cities and the transformation of landscapes, regions, and the globe.

The model developments include introducing an empirically-based relationship between income growth and travel demand, turnover of the vehicle stock, and cost-driven investment both in reduction of internal combustion engine ICE vehicle fuel consumption as well as in adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and fuels.

Achieving these seemingly conflicting goals will require energy technologies and policies that are both economically viable and efficient at cutting emissions. My Ph.D.

MIT Technology and Policy Program’s Best Thesis for 2017 maps out a clean energy future for India

thesis: Creating Markets for Wind Electricity in China: Case Studies in Energy Policy and Regulation. MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society. Committee: Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga, Valerie Karplus, Margaret Pearson.

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MIT Technology and Policy Program’s Best Thesis for 2017 maps out a clean energy future for India

Feb 17,  · Valerie Karplus is the Class of Career Development Professor and an Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Parisa Bastani, Valerie Karplus, and Ingrid Akerlind have all been instrumental in the development of the light-duty vehicle fleet model used for my research.

Don Mackenzie, Stephen Zoepf, and Alice Chao all helped to broaden my understanding of the. Climate and energy security concerns have prompted policy action in the United States and abroad to reduce petroleum use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from passenger vehicles.

Karplus, Valerie. China Project. Valerie Karplus. Class of Career Development Professor, Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management. Project Director, Tsinghua-MIT China Energy and Climate Project Master's Thesis: Prospects for Plug-In Hybrid Transportation in the United States: A General Equilibrium Analysis.

Valerie karplus thesis
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Valerie J. Karplus